Bird in a cage


Robbery. Of apartment. Mine apartment. Long and thoroughly prepared. By myself.  Further to check up for documents that might discredit me, the guy should kill that bitch, my wife. I opened his eyes and I’ll open the world for him tomorrow. I’ll make it up for him. Money and passport!


The act is set in the large area of a richly-appointed modern house. Interior includes a sofa, a small table, a fireplace, a bookshelf, a personal computer, and a bar-cabinet. At nightfall.  Rain is falling on the window, noise of opening the door lock is heard. Two figures appear in the room. Tall and slim figure of a young man, and another plump one, of an older man. They are speaking in a whisper.
Johann: You’re’ve got in so easily.
The Old Man: I’m used to it.
Johann: Used to what?...Getting in? (giggling)
The Old Man: It’s not my first time.
Johann: I can see that.
The Old Man: Learn! You’ve chanced on a good teacher.
Johann: That’s what I do!
The two are standing at the door, looking round the room.
The Old Man: We got the plum again.
Johann: (with surprise): Look, there’s nobody in?!
The Old Man: What you expect? The brass to play for you?
Johann: I like surprises... and obstacles...and risk too.
The Old Man: Shut up! You talk too much. Put the goggles on! Look around!
Johann: Yes, old buddy! (putting on the goggles) – Wow, they’ve secured the place very well...
The Old Man: What?
Johann: The two beams... Don’t move! It’s worth a hell of a money... Rich guys are rich guys! That’s it!
The Old Man: Stop chattering! Look out!
Johann: O.K., I know it.
Johann is skilfully passing along the beams.
Johann: I did it! They didn’t got me!
The Old Man: Go on, Johann, go through the barricades!
Johann: Well said! (laughing) I’ll be Johann from the barricades.

(new scene)
The two men grab each other over the table.
Lina: Please! Don’t do it! Mister, there’s no reason for...
The Old Man: Come on, are you telling me? You’ll get smashed, you bastard! You do it or you don’t! Hey, do you know how many wait on the line? If I blow the whistle, they’ll run. Don’t forget! I am the Doberman and you are here cos’ I whistled. Is it clear? I’m not tolerant, you know. Well, I was tolerant many years ago. I’m fed up (while speaking, he’s squeezing the young man’s throat) – You, guys of today, you haven’t learned that. You know just to want it all and want it now! And I learned it only at this age… Do you know how much I lost? Have you ever heard me to whimper? No, haven’t you? Never. I’m pissed off now and you, you provoked me! It’s just the craft that I have. I lost my bitch, she just took the kids and disappeared. Just like that! I had no dough, so she left me. I began to look like animal since then, a lousy loner. Anyway, I liked you, you do the job well, but don’t be lost, you hear?
Johann: Set me free! It hurts...
The Old Man: Let it hurt you! It hurts me too. No, not the throat. Deeper. Do you know, you little brat, what is to love your wife and kids and to have no money to buy them food?  А?!... My bitch found another man… A rich guy… Yet he didn’t love the kids. Look at me now – I got the money, I got older, but who the hell cares if I’m alone. Alone. And it hurts. Hurts a lot! (hits the young man at the heart| Here! It hurts here. Do you know that, you bastard?
Lina draws out an auto from her purse.
Lina: Stop it!
The Old Man releases Johann.
The Old Man: You… what? ...(sits down on the armchair)
Lina: I’ll blow your head off, that’s what.... I said, it’s calm and quiet in my
home. You, stand up! Hands up!