Them. Both!

Two artists. Two loners. Closed in their own worlds. A trial for communication, and failure – because of fear, ego, nature. Looking right into the Creation – of man and woman. The signs they receive, the lessons and the Cross, which everyone carries. Alone. And their estimated time.

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It's time

It’s time… for inner dissection, for thinking over, finding and reaching the Inner, personal self. For looking back to the way to the present, for betrayal and forgiveness, love and hope. For the call of Nature. And it has to be admitted right away – career is nothing compared to Nature. The first peak is climbed (with the cost of a very high price), and now it’s the second one’s turn! Time is ripe and ready for maternity.

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Bird in a cage

Robbery. Of apartment. Mine apartment. Long and thoroughly prepared. By myself.  Further to check up for documents that might discredit me, the guy should kill that bitch, my wife. I opened his eyes and I’ll open the world for him tomorrow. I’ll make it up for him. Money and passport!

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