Hello and welcome!

It is my pleasure to be together. I am an actress by profession, but writer by vocation. This, that I am an actress, makes me easier to write a dialogue. They are full of action, easy spoken and theatrical. The theater - like repercussion of life and all that surround us. But the human is interested me mostly. Its character, how and why does it change, which strength and emotion reign over its heart. The good and the evil, the insult and the forgiven and the love – this is the cornerstone in my plays. In the some of my dramatics text my hero are today and now and eternity. The thought and the energy turn them back to life. The thread is one and it is unbroken. The past, today and there. My plays are vital, emotional, turn of speech and full with surprises. Read them! And if you have a provocation, let’s make a theater!

Ionka Ilieva

Part of my latest works: "Souls for rent", "When I Will Not Be"