Give me your forgiveness

In the relatively word – time, the here of “Give Me Your Forgiveness” subsistence in the past, in the present and in the hereafter.
The Grandmother, the past, the concretely time, the present, the daughter, Baby and the Granddaughter, the Killed and the Student are today and now.
The Killed, who had staged his funeral, is living in other latitude.
The Student, who studies the supernal signs, had found the sideral love between the Grandmother and Iliia.
If nothing is happing now and here, there, somewhere, with other energy, beyond is happing.
Iliia, from the hereafter, sends breve, because there is love and word – wide forgiveness.
2005 – The play participated in the competition of Radio BBC – London.
2008 – The play participated in the “Drumevi praznizi” in Shumen, Bulgaria.

Characters (3m, 3f):

Grandmother, Boriana
Daughter, Biliana ‘Babe’, daughter of Boriana
Granddaughter, 18, daughter of Babe, granddaughter of Boriana
Ilia husband of grandmother
The murdered man husband of Babe
The student ?? boy-friend of the granddaughter


Grandaughter My grandma has been a strong woman. Yeah, people are right – blood is thicker than water. She’s met the great Love, the one and the only….. Love’s been different at that time, and everything’s been somehow different…. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s true.

My mom is beautiful, yeah, very beautiful …. like a movie star. I don’t feel like that… And I’d never be like her! My mom has charisma, glamour…. She can do everything…. or I think so, at least…. or she could do really.

With you, father, we weren’t close… we met from time to time. You were away. You’re traveling…. Simply not here. You didn’t come home for months, and then when finally back home, you slept… Deeply. I was watching you, gently and quietly from the corner. Oh, you slept deeply, very deeply indeed (LIGHTING MATCHES, LIGHTING CANDLE).

Daughter, Babe I gave birth to a terrific daughter, didn’t I? Your daughter. Well, she doesn’t look like me, she’s not that beautiful, but she’s got a spirit, poor child. Well, the beautiful are so miserable, I mean myself…. Let her be happy! I hope so. God, what if they harmed her?!… What then?!… You bastard, I’ll never forgive you this, even in the world beyond! Never! Never! You hear me? Wherever you are. Please, let it didn’t happen, please! I beg you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!! Do you hear me, God?! (WHISPERING PRAYER)

Grandmother I was lying next to you… We have had each other. A time has passed since we’ve been together. “You can’t, can you?… You can’t give a birth to a child?”… Your voice in the darkness…I still hear it. I was weeping, I was hugging you and I wanted this to happen more that anything in the world. You kept telling me this every night, every time, over and over again…. Your voice!… It was like a slap! I was scared… I wanted it so much, so much… and then I started to hear….. Suppressed whisper ‘She’s sterile’…. I felt like marked, like branded. A woman who is not fit for anything.
grandmother She’s believed that they will meet again, up in the Milky Way. That’s what my grandma has made. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Be always true, my sweatheart! Be yourself! Don’t be in a hurry! All shoud be in due course. It’s still too early for you! All lies ahead of you. I’ll go in the net, to chat… I want to share my happiness! It’s an Event! Listen to me, people, I’m the happiest person on this planet! I’m 18 and I’m waiting for a baby! It’s true! I’m aware of that! I want you to know! Hey, people, a man will be born! (IMPRESSIVE MUSIC. GRADUALLY GOES TO A COSMIC MUSIC. THE ACT PASSES TO THE GREAT BEYOND. OUT THERE, UP IN THE GREAT MYSTERY. BESIDES THE MUSIC, DIFFERENT COSMIC SOUNDS AND NOISE).
Ilia Hallo, little star! Welcome here! Hey, where are you going? Don’t you see me? Was it me you’re so in hurry for? Here I am! Boriana, Boriana, look here! You’re almost here. Don’t you hear me? Well then, feel me… Lust a liitle more, my dear! You are so beautiful! Even more beautiful than before! In this light… tender, white, blue... Why were you hasty, you little fool? You had to finish some things left, down there, for our children. I have nothing to do but to wait for you. Do you hear that? Do you understand me? I’ve been waiting for you all that time. You’ re coming now, a bit earlier, yet I’m happy to welcome you! Like you used to welcome me years ago. It’s time for me to return the favour. Not only to welcome you, but everything. We’re not in a hurry now, time is our. You just come here, my dear! I’m so lonely! Don’t lose the direction! Do you hear me? Yes, this way…. Here…. Just a little left! This is the Way! The Milky Way! Stars, so many stars… Go through them! Take the right direction! Don’t turn aside! I believe in you! Like you’ve always believed in me. You’ll make it! Follow your soul, it will lead you. My soul is waiting for you. Just a little left… Get ready, Boriana, for the great fusion! It wasn’t complete down there. We were slaves of family, children, customs… All we have now is our souls. It’ll be clear, and good. Ours. My dear girl, how much I’ve hurt you down the years, haven’t I? I want you to forgive me! I was young, seething with energy, I didn’t know what to do with it… it’s not an excuse, yet you should know that. I’ve wasted my life for nothing, I realize that now and I’m sure your soul have understood. When I think how many times I’ve broken your fragile little soul… My dear little star, don’t stop! I’m waiting for you. I’ve repented hundreds of times, hundreds… You just get here. Wasn’t it me you took the poison for?

The Murdered man

Babe!... Watch your back! Don’t trust them! You’re really great at the funeral! Self-controlled, self-confident and very rich! That’s how I want you, Babe! I didn’t waste my efforts! But keep away from the robust fellow! He’s a venal soul. He makes everything for cash! He’s nice with you now, cos’ he didn’t screw you yet… hell, don’t do it! He’s very robust, hot, sexual maniac, and you’re hungry for sex now… You didn’t get much of a sex from me… What to do? I traveled, I was tired, my head’s always full of info, figures, interest rates, profits… You’re out of my calculations though. You’re so dutiful, faithful. Was it for my money, Babe? Just for the money? Cos’ I knew you’re not happy. And cos’ you didn’t speak much and kept all the things inside you, you learned from me how to drink. You drunk heavily, even more than me, and it wasn’t for my successes, was it? You wanted to forget.

Come-on, go and light the candle! For me! And dress in black, so they believe you. That’s it. (MUSIC. STARTING A SURFING SOUND, SQUAWK OF SEE-GULLS, GRADUALLY SLOWING DOWN. ACT PASSES TO THE STUDENT???? CHEERFUL WHISTLING. )

The Student

What a man need? If somebody asks me, I’ll answer straight away – faith! Most of all - faith in himself! To feel alive and to be alive! I am alive! Young, free and happy! I was at lectures today, then delivered pizza and here I am, with my telescope. One beer and my time is coming. Bliss for my soul. I’m starting my traveling among the stars now. One cannot have a future, if doesn’t have a history.

Wait for me! I’m coming… Hey, dear, smile! Nobody has your smile! I…. what about me? Am I angry to you? You, little fool! I’m on my way! I’ll get to you faster than the light! Wait there!’ (hanging up).

Something will happen tonight here, on the Earth! You are great joker, you know! (HAPPY WHISTLING; MUSIC)